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What does the Profile section of the emSigner Account consists of?

The Profile section can be accessed by clicking on the "Settings" present under the Profile at the top-right of the Dashboard Screen.

The Profile Section can be found under the Settings section.

The profile of an emSigner would typically consist of the following components:

  • User Details

  • Profile Photo

  • Initials image

  • Signature Type

  • Authentication

  • Company Stamp

User Details:

The User Details consist of details like Name, Email, Mobile Number, Mobile Number, Department and other details. The Identification Number can be used to update the details like National ID or Driving License number.

Profile Photo:

The profile picture can be uploaded by clicking on the "Upload Photo". The preview of the uploaded photo can be viewed. The uploaded photo can be removed by selecting the Remove Photo. The allowed file types for the upload are .jpg, .jpeg and .png with a file size limit of 200KB.

Initials Image:

Upload the Initials image by clicking on the "Upload Initials" button and it can be previewed. The allowed file types for the upload are .jpg, .jpeg and .png with a file size limit of 200KB.

Signature Type & Two Factor Authentication:

The Two factor Authentication will have two options, one is the "Username & Password" and the other is "Username, Password & OTP". The user can select any one of the options that are present in this drop-down.

There are different types of Signature types that are available and the user can select them in this section and should save the profile section. They can also mark any of the Signature Type as "Mark as Default" in this section. More details on the Signature Type are covered in the section "Types of eSignatures".


The User can select the Authentication type from the available options of Username & Password, Office 365, UAE Pass and Google.

LTV and Time Stamp Settings:

Signature with an embedded timestamp and certificate status information is referred to as a Long-Term Validity (LTV) signature. Long-term digital signatures are essential if the signed documents need to be verified months or years later.

LTV (Long Term Validity) settings allows you to configure Time Stamp Authority (TSA) credentials, so that the timestamp is fetched from TSA while signature is placed in the document.

The User can enable the LTV and Time Stamp settings by selecting the relevant radio button.

Company Stamp:

A company stamp, also known as a corporate seal or company seal, is used by a company or organization to emboss or imprint certain important documents and certificates with the company's official emblem or mark. It typically includes the company's name, logo, and often other relevant information such as the date of incorporation or registration number.

The user can upload the Company stamp using the "Browse Image" button. The allowed file types for the upload are .jpg, .jpeg and .png with a file size limit of 200KB.

Once all these details are filled, the user have to click on the "Save" button and the success pop-up will be displayed showing that the user details are updated successfully.

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