Roles & Permissions


There are four user roles in emSigner. A brief explanation is as mentioned below:

Super Admin has full privilege to access the system and is capable of defining roles and granting access to Admins and Users in the system.

Admin has control over operations of a plan or even operations of an organization. An Admin can create workflows, departments, users & adhoc users. They can also provide access privileges to the users in a workflow management system for accessing different departmental workflows based on their Job Function / Role / Profile etc. Admin roles and access to all the modules will be defined by the Super Admin.

User will be created by the Admin and required access shall be provided based on the requirement.

Adhoc user is one who is not a regular user of the organization nor is he working in the organization. He will be provided with login credentials which will be valid until the completion of signing the document. This account can be only used as a one time case.

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