EMDHA eSign integration with emSigner

emdha eSign gateway has been integrated into the platform as a signing method for users based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This addition will help in better adoption of the platform in the KSA region with users having the flexibility to perform National ID based eSign. emdha users can login using UAV credentials and perform eSign on the document initiated on emSigner platform.

Step 1: Once your document is ready, you can generate signature settings . Under Other signing Providers select ‘emdha Gateway’ click on Apply and Preview button.

Step 2: Your document can now be previewed. Add signatories and click on ‘Sign and Send’ button.

Step 3: Upon clicking Sign and Send, you will be redirected to emdha Gateway.

Step 4: Now, login using your UAV credentials.

Once you login, you will be able to eSign and initiate your document on emSigner.

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