Waiting for Others

What does the "Waiting for Others" section represent and what are the available options for the user?

The "Waiting for Others" section typically refers to the section of the envelopes that is waiting for an action like signing or reviewing from the other stakeholders of the workflow in which the user is a part. The user can access these envelopes by clicking on the "Waiting for Others" section under the Pending tab.

The initial grid will show the details of the envelopes like the Created By, Date & Time, Envelope Name, Unique Reference Number. Each envelope will also have an "View" button under the Actions grid.

The user has the following options available to them, which can be achieved by clicking on the respective buttons:

View Document:

Clicking on the "View Document" will open the document that is pending with others for signing.


Clicking on the "Recall" button will Recall the envelope from the signatories. This can be done only if the envelope is not signed by all the Signatories. The user has to provide the remarks on why the envelope is recalled.


Clicking on the "Download" button will download the unsigned document.

Mark as Inactive:

Clicking on the "Mark as Inactive" button will mark the envelope as inactive, which means that the envelope will no more be available for signing for the stakeholders. A pop-up message will be shown prompting the user to confirm the if they want to mark the envelope as inactive.


Clicking on the "Comments" button will prompt the user to input their comments and also the option to Notify All the stakeholders


Clicking on the "Share" button will open a pop-up which will prompt the user to provide the email address of the recipient. The user can also provide the Message along with the email. An option to Share Attachments is also provided which will send the recipient the attachments if selected.

Signing Order:

Clicking on the "Signing order" will open the Signing Order diagram in the pop-up. This shows the pictorial representation of the workflow.

Send Reminder: Clicking on the "Send Reminder" will send a reminder to all the stakeholders of the workflow.

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