E Signing

How can the user perform the signing using the E Signing?

The below steps show how the customer can perform E Signing.

Step 1: The signing of the invoice documents can be done through the E Signing tab.

Step 2: The user can search for any specific billing document by inputting the relevant ID in the search bar and click on the “Go” button.

Step 3: The results will be shown on the Dashboard.

Step 4: To view the document the user can click on the View button.

Step 5: A popup will open, and the document preview will be shown to the user.

Step 6: The user can either Sign or Close the popup window through the “Sign” and “Close” buttons respectively.

Step 7: Once the user clicks on the “Sign” button, the document will be signed and a success message will be shown in a popup.

Step 8: The user can view the signed documents, by clicking on the “View Signed Document” button.

Step 9: The invoice will open in a popup window displaying the signed document.

Step 10: The user can download or print the document using the ‘Download’ and ‘Print’ options provided at the top right of the popup window.

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