External / Ad-hoc User

Who is an external or ad hoc User? How does the administrator manage these External Users?

An ad hoc Signer is one who is not a regular user within the organization or is an external party. They will not have an emSigner account and will usually get an email with a link to Sign the document sent by emSigner account users.

Below are the steps to create an Ad hoc user.

Step 1: Log in to www.emSigner.com using your Admin Username and Password.

Step 2: Click on the "Settings" tab under the Profile Picture present in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Navigate to "Manage Adhoc Users" under "Admin Settings."

Step 4: The list of the active Ad hoc users will be displayed under the "List of Adhoc Users". The list of these users can be exported by using the Export to Excel feature. The Adhoc users can be created in bulk using the Import from Excel feature. The format to upload can be downloaded by clicking the excel icon.

Step 5: The Ad hoc user details can be edited by clicking on the Edit icon present in the extreme right.

Step 6: Once the details are updated, clicking on the "Save" button will show a pop-up that the user details have been updated.

Step 7: The administrator can delete an Ad hoc user by clicking on the Delete icon.

Step 8: Clicking on this icon will show a pop-up message to confirm if the User has to be deleted.

Step 9: Clicking "OK" will delete the user, and a pop-up will be displayed showing that the user has been deleted.

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