Delete an Internal User

How to Delete an Internal User?

The administrator has the ability to delete the details of the Internal user. Once the users are deleted, their details can be found in the "Disabled Users" Tab. Below are the steps to Delete an Internal user. Deleted users status can be updated to "Active" user based on the requirement.

Step 1: Login into the Administrator account and click on the "Settings" tab under the Profile Picture present in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to "Manage Users" under "Admin Settings."

Step 3: A list of all the Internal users will be displayed. Scroll to the extreme right to find the Delete icon.

Step 4: Clicking on this icon will show a pop-up message to confirm if the User has to be deleted.

Step 5: Clicking "OK" will delete the user, and a pop-up will be displayed showing that the user has been deleted.

Step 6: The details of the deleted user can be found in the "Disabled User" tab.

Step 7: The disabled users can be enabled by clicking on the Tick.

Step 8: The users will be shown a prompt asking them to confirm if the users needs to be enabled.

Step 9: A success message will be shown indicating that user has been successfully enabled.

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