Completion Certificate

What is a completion certificate, and what details are present in it?

A completion certificate in emSigner includes important details, such as the names of individuals or stakeholders who participated in the workflow, the date and time of completion, the status of the document (e.g., signed), and any additional information relevant to the specific workflow.

When a document goes through a predefined workflow in emSigner, such as approval or signing by multiple parties, a completion certificate may be generated automatically or manually at the end of the process. This certificate serves as proof that the workflow was completed as intended.

Completion certificates can be valuable for audit and compliance purposes. They provide a record of actions taken within the system, which can be essential for demonstrating adherence to internal policies or external regulations.

In some cases, completion certificates may also confirm the legal validity of electronically signed documents, particularly in regions or industries where electronic signatures are legally recognized.

Any stakeholder in the workflow can access the Completion certificate by following the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to using your Admin Username and Password

Step 2: Click on the completed tab on the dashboard to access the completed documents.

Step 3: Click on the View Document to view the completed document.

Step 4: Click on the Certificate option under the Others dropdown.

Step 5: Clicking on the certificate will download the completion certificate.

Completion Certificate Details:

The Document completion certificate section has the details like Envelope ID, Status, Subject or the name of the envelope and the Envelope completion email sent date and time details.

The Document details section has the details like the number of pages in the envelope, number of signatures, whether there are attachments, number of attachments and the number of documents in the envelope.

The Document Origination Details sections will have the details like the Name of the originator, email of the originator, Document originated Date & Time, Originator Time Zone, IP Address and Location.

The next section will capture the details of the signatories present in the workflow. The details like the name and email address, the Signing type, IP Address, Received, Viewed and Signed date and time. The Geolocation of the external user is captured if they allow the location sharing. The Signatory image will be for the external user if the Selfie capture is enabled by the initiator for the external user.

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