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What does the Reports in emSigner signify and what kind of reports are available?

Environmental, social, and Corporate Governance reporting has become a key priority for many businesses. The goal of reporting is to produce a public-facing document that conveys strategic objectives for a business’ ESG efforts, highlights specific topic areas and targets for future development, and communicates strategies to close gaps between the current and ideal future states. Investors, customers, business partners, and other critical stakeholders anticipate such reports, and for the information to hold significance for these audiences, it is essential that it be presented with utmost clarity and precision.

emSigner has an in-built report generation module that allows the organization to quickly understand the impact of moving to a paperless platform. The report module has a dashboard that highlights:

  • Number of envelopes signed electronically.

  • Number of users who are part of the process.

  • Time spent in the process.

  • Number of printed pages saved, along with information on trees saved.

All the emSigner Account holders will have access to the Workflow Reports, User reports, and favorite filters.

Users can access them by clicking on the Reports in the dashboard. This will redirect the users to the Reports Dashboard.

The Reports Dashboard will have details like document activity, Top 10 Internal users, Time spent, and sustainability details.

Additionally, there are detailed reports, which are categorized under:

  • Workflow reports

  • User reports

  • Favourite reports

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