emSigner Integration with Salesforce

Below are the steps to show the signing of the document using the emSigner integration with Salesforce.

Step 1: The Customer can login to the Product web page. Input the E-mail in the username field and the password and click on Login.

Step 2: The Sign using emSigner button will be available in all the standard and custom objects (Main and Sub objects) of all the object navigator in salesforce.

Step 3: One of the Main Objects is Sales and the sub-objects are highlighted in the snapshot below.

Step 4: For this use case, we are showing the document signing in the Accounts Sub object under the Sales Main Object. Click on the ‘Accounts’ drop-down and select the relevant account.

Step 5: This page shows all the files and Notes & Attachments of the user.

Step 6: The user can either use the documents here to sign or upload them using the ‘Add Files’ option.

Step 7: The user can select the files or upload the documents from their local computer.

Step 8: A popup will be shown indicating that the document upload is complete.

Step 9: The new uploaded document will be visible in the Files section.

Step 10: Under the drop-down select ‘Sign using emSigner’.

Step 11: The initiator will have the option to select the files to sign using emSigner and the relevant supporting documents.

Step 12: Select the document to sign and click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 13: The Initiator will be redirected to the document that they have initiated for signing/initiating. The signatories can be assigned in this tab by clicking on Add New or Add Existing in the right panel.

Step 14: Add the signatories, sign the document as you are one of the signatories and click on the "Sign and Send" button.

Step 15: Once the document is successfully signed, the success message will be shown to the user. If there are more than one user in the workflow, the document signed by the first signatory will be sent to the subsequent signatories for their signing.

Step 16: After the document is signed by all the signatories, the completed documents will be available under the Files Section. The signed document will have the “Signed_” appended in the front of the document name.

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