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Release Notes for emSigner version 2.8.9

emSigner Release Notes: December 2023

We're thrilled to unveil the latest emSigner release 2.8.9, featuring enhanced user interface for a smoother experience. Additionally, exciting new features have been added, providing increased control and efficiency in managing digital signatures. This release is a significant stride in our commitment to delivering a top-notch electronic signature solution tailored to your evolving needs. Explore the upgraded capabilities in the newest version of emSigner.

New Features

Region: GLOBAL

User Interface (UI) Improvements: Modernized Design:

Witness the refined evolution of our user interface, adorned with a sophisticated makeover. Some notable design improvements include displaying the number of documents attached in the envelope information, adjusting the position of the document during user viewing, and enhancing the action button. This button is now divided into two parts, with one serving as the main action and the other as a dropdown listing other possible actions.

Additionally, notice the visible indicator in our latest update, highlighting the active filter. These UI changes provide clear and intuitive cues, enhancing the overall user experience when a filter is applied.


In the latest emSigner update, we're excited to introduce Geofencing—a powerful feature enhancing the security of your digital signatures. Geofencing allows you to set geographic boundaries, ensuring that document signing is restricted to predefined locations. This innovative addition adds an extra layer of protection to your digital transactions, offering heightened control and compliance. Embrace the future of secure and location-aware digital signing with emSigner's Geofencing capabilities.


Experience seamless customization and accessibility with emSigner's webforms, now intelligently divided into two categories: Public and Private. Public webforms are accessible to all users, including ad hoc ones, facilitating widespread usage. On the other hand, Private webforms are exclusively available to internal users, ensuring a secure and controlled environment where sign-in is required. Notably, you can now define an expiry before initiating private webforms, and easily access the weblink from the Manage Templates section.

Liveliness Check:

Embrace enhanced security with emSigner's Liveliness Check, now incorporating a five-second video capture of the user's face. This innovative feature ensures real-time verification, fortifying the authenticity of digital interactions. Elevate your digital security standards with this seamless and efficient method, offering a trusted and secure experience in just seconds.

New completion certificate with geotagging details:

Explore the enhanced Completion Certificate UI in our latest update! We've made significant modifications, including the addition of Geo-tagging details with precise coordinates if the signatories allow Location sharing. Now, easily identify whether a user is a Signatory (S) or a Reviewer (R) through intuitive indicators. These thoughtful updates provide a richer and more informative experience, ensuring clarity and precision in your completion certificates.

Language Settings for Ad hoc Users:

Introducing Language Settings for Ad hoc users in our latest update! Now, only the initiator has the ability to enable this feature, allowing Ad hoc users to read documents in their preferred language. This customization enhances the user experience, providing personalized language settings for seamless document interaction.

Profile & Advanced Settings:

In our latest UI update, we've redefined the profile settings, specifically focusing on signature appearances. Now, signature appearances are grouped together for enhanced clarity. Additionally, the settings action has been relocated from the profile section, streamlining the user experience. These changes optimize the navigation and organization of profile settings, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Exciting news in our latest update! Introducing a new section called "Envelope Reports" in Reports, showcasing comprehensive insights. Monitor Completion, Pending, Recipient Authentication, Signature Mode, SMS Delivery, and API Usage conveniently in one place. These additions empower users with detailed analytics, offering a holistic view of envelope activities for more informed decision-making. Explore the enhanced reporting capabilities and elevate your tracking experience with the new Envelope Reports section.

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