Adhoc User Signing

Who are considered as Adhoc users and how will they sign the document?

Adhoc user is one who is not a regular user of the organization nor is he working in the organization. Ad hoc users are often granted access or privileges on a temporary or situational basis to meet specific needs or circumstances.

Once document is initiated to the Adhoc user, the email will be initiated to the respective email ID's from emSigner portal only for the specific signing activity. This link will not be valid once the signing activity is completely.

Step1: You have to click on "Preview & Sign" option to proceed for signing activity. Your document will be populated in the browser directly for signing.

Step2: You have to click on the 'Next' option to navigate to the other signature panel located in the document.

Step3: For signing, you have to click on the signature panel.

Step4: Upon selecting signature panel, you will get the option to select the signature based on your requirement and complete signing. After selecting the signature, select the check box and click on "Apply and Preview".

Step5: You can now preview the signed document in the browser. To complete signing, click on "Sign&Finish" option.

You will receive a confirmation for the signing and the signed document will be sent to all the Signatories in the template through their email.

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