What information is typically displayed on a dashboard, and what steps are involved in accessing and using it?

The emSigner dashboard is displayed in a single, consolidated view to help users monitor, analyze, and make informed decisions on the envelopes that are either initiated by them or of which they are a part. It consists of a summarized form of all the documents present in emSigner shown in tab form, i.e., Pending, Drafts, Completed, declined, and Recalled.

  • Pending: This tab will have all the envelopes that are pending. This consists of two subtabs:

    • My Signatures: This consists of envelopes that are pending for signature from the Account User's side

    • Waiting for Others: This consists of envelopes that are initiated by them but pending Signatures from others

  • Drafts: This consists of envelopes that are not initiated or left in the middle due to some reason.

  • Completed: This consists of documents that are signed by all the signatories in the workflow

  • Declined: This consists of documents that are declined for signing by any of the signers in the workflow

  • Recalled: This consists of documents that are declined for signing by the initiator of the workflow

Note: Both Admin and Internal users can view the dashboard that is relevant to them.

To access the Dashboard, the user has to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to www.emSigner.com using your Admin Username and Password

Step 2: You will see a dashboard on the landing page once you log in successfully.

The users can search any envelope using the Search option present in the dashboard. They can download reports of all the signing activities from a particular tile by clicking on the Export to Excel button.

The users can search for any envelope in the tile by providing details like the Date range, Envelope Number, Reference number and other details.

The next subsections cover the type of Status of the envelopes, which are under the different tabs in the Dashboard.

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