What is eSignV2 and how can the user sign the document using it?

eSignV2: The best approach to legally signing documents electronically using your AADHAAR number in India. Any kind of paper, including Form 16s, invoices, and offer letters, can be signed. By using eSign, you can get rid of paper, streamline your operations, and help the environment while doing so.

STEP 1: In the signing page, you will have an option to select the type of signature you prefer. Select 'eSignV2'.

STEP 2: To proceed for signing, please type location and reason and click on 'Apply and Preview'.

STEP 3: eSignV2 will take you to the Aadhaar Authenticate page to complete signing, where you have to complete your authentication using Aadhaar number and Aadhaar OTP.

STEP 4: Once the Aadhaar authentication is successful, the document will be successfully signed and you will receive a confirmation.

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