Manage Auth Token


You should have an account created with emSigner to generate an Authentication token.

Step 1: Login to using your Admin User Name and Password

Step 2: On the right corner, click on your profile image and then click on the ‘Settings’ menu

Step 3: Go to ‘Admin Settings‘ and click on Manage Authtoken option

Generate a New Authtoken Step 4: Upon clicking the ‘Manage Authtoken‘ option, you will be navigated to the Manage Authtoken page. Click on the Generate Authtoken button

Step 5: Once you click on Generate Authtoken, you will be prompted to enter the details in the respective fields

Step 6: Once you fill in the necessary details, click on ‘Add‘ to generate a new Authtoken

Edit Authtoken

Step 7: Upon clicking the ‘Manage Authtoken option. You will be navigated to Manage Authtoken page

Step 8: In the ‘Actions‘ column, you will find a pen icon. Click on the pen icon to edit the Authtoken details.

Step 9: Once the details are edited, click on “Apply Changes” to save the changes made.

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