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What is Web Forms and how to use the Webforms?

Web forms integrated into signing platforms are a valuable feature for streamlining the document signing and data collection process. These forms are typically used to collect information from signatories during the signing workflow or to gather additional data related to the document being signed.

Signatory Information: When sending a document for signature, the Initiator may use a web form to collect essential information from the signatories. This information can include the signatory's name, email address, title, company, and other relevant details.

Initiating the document for signing through Flexi Form has 2 steps. 1. Design a Flexi Form 2. Web Form User Signing Flow

Note: Only Admin users will have the privilege to the setup Flexi Form Template.

Design a Flexi Form for Web Form

Step 1: Log in to www.emsigner.com using your Admin User Name and Password

Step 2: Click on your profile image, at the top right corner and then click on ‘Settings

Step 3: Under Admin Settings click on “Manage Template

Step 4: Now click on the Create New Template” button on the top right of your template space, enter a template name and click “Save” to create a new template.

On successful creation, you will get the pop-up stating "Template Successfully Created"

Once created, click on “Setup Template/flexiform” to upload the document template.

Step 5: Click on the “Upload” to upload the document template (Note: You can upload one or more document templates)

Step 6: In this step, you will be able to view the uploaded document template and you will see options on your right-hand side panel to specify no. of. Signatories and their positions on the document.

Go to "Fields and Components" and set it up according to your requirements.

Once this step is completed click on “Activate“.

Step 7: Enable the option "Create a Web Form" from Flexiform setting.

Step 8: You can configure any number of "Text Box" based on the requirement, provide the relevant "Tag Names" and assign it to the respective signatories.

Step 9: Upon completing all the above steps, your template will be created and emSigner will generate a link for Web Form.

Step 10: You can share the link to required set of Signatories to complete signing process either through an email/website/forum.

Web Form User Signing Flow

Once the link is shared to the respective user, the user can enter the defined details and proceed for signing.

Step 1: Once the user hits the link, application will prompt for user details.

Step 2: The respective user have to enter the details in the fields mentioned by the initiator. Once the details are entered, click on "Continue".

Step 3: The entered information will be filled in the document and the document will be populated for signing. The user can verify the details and proceed signing the document.

Note: The same link can be shared with the multiple user for signing activity. All the users who are accessing and filling the data will be onboarded as Ad-hoc users.

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