Expiry and Reminder

How to set up an Expiry and Reminder alerts for the documents?

Expiry and reminders are crucial for time management, productivity, and compliance. They prevent missed deadlines, ensure timely actions, and improve efficiency in various contexts.

Step 1: Log in to www.emsigner.com using your Username and Password.

Step 2: Select the “Create an Envelope” option and upload a document using the “upload” option.

Step 3:

Configure Expiration Notifications: Upon selection of document, you will have an option to declare the expiry date for the document using “Envelope Expiry”.

Note: The document will be expired based on defined days and the expiry email will be sent to the user stating signing link is expired.

Step 4: Configure Reminder Notifications: Using “Reminder” field, you will be able to specify when and how often reminders are sent.

Note: Reminders will be sent on the defined day, from the date of document initiation.

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