V 2.8.5

Release Notes for emSigner version 2.8.5

Below are the new features listed that we think you’ll appreciate.

Let’s walk you through the highlights of this release, v2.8.5

New UI/UX for Workflow initiation

emSigner application has been revamped to improve user interface and experience for better speed of signing through its seamless workflows. This has been achieved by reducing the number of steps required to sign documents. The updated interface is simple and easy to use for everyone including beginners. In this release, on the upload document page, along with the upload document button you will notice questions like ‘Are you the signer?’, ‘How many other signers are there?’ etc. The new UI also comes with new options on the left side panel including ‘Attach supporting documents’, ‘Optional settings’ and ‘Reminder’. Yes we heard you, and we have added the preview feature along with your signature drag box where you can preview and apply the signature before sending the document.

Not only that, now you (as admin) also have an option to control the recipient or end user’s signature types from the Add signatories’ panel.

Advanced Settings with more options

Our new look and a streamlined advanced settings section now provided more options than before. With added security, the advanced settings now allow you to choose external user signature types. It also allows users to add more common names, set up time zones among a host of other features.

Time Zone

This is a new feature added to our release which gives you the flexibility to choose time zones based on your region before you send a document for signing. You can change the time zone on your dashboard and other sections by clicking on your profile, followed by advanced settings. When selected, you can use your own time zone which can be different from that of the default time zone of the emSigner application.

Please note that all documents will be signed based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Roles & Permission

In addition to signers and viewers, you can now change user roles while signing and sending a document. User roles define the level of access and entitlements you want to provide for various features and functionalities of the product and allow you to distinguish between Administrators, IT Users, Business Users, and others. You can set up user roles by clicking on manage users under settings.

Define your own Password Policy

This is a newly added feature that can help your organization ensure passwords are compliant with your policy. You can now set your own password policy, change the password requirements to ensure a high level of security and compliance. You can set your password requirements under the new section introduced as Password Settings under the settings menu.

Define your own SMTP to trigger email notifications

STMP is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol that is part of the settings which allow you to configure your email settings. You can now use your own STMP settings to send outgoing emails from emSigner to users from your email server instead of emSigner’s email server. Go ahead and personalize your communication with SMTP settings available under Admin options.

Advanced Reports

The new reports dashboard will give you data and insights for all your documents right from document usage, user statistics to a number of trees saved. Reports just got better with the newly added options for you, with in-depth data on the workflow report, document report, user report, department level report, form level report, and recipient report. The User reports will help you obtain information like user activity log, authentication, and access report to monitor security-related reporting.

eSign 2.1 (Powered by Verasys)

eSign 2.1 is now integrated with Verasys. In this upgraded version, a user can simply enter the 16 digit AADHAAR number or Virtual ID in order to sign documents with a One Time Password (OTP) that will be generated and sent to the mobile number which is registered and linked with AADHAAR. With eSign 2.1, powered by Verasys you can now start signing with AADHAAR eKYC and benefit from its ease of use.

Please note that eSign 2.1 is only available for AADHAAR holders and AADHAAR is the Digital ID system of India.

Cloud key for signing (Powered by VIDA)

VIDA is a market leader and trust service provider in Indonesia allowing users the ability to sign documents with legal validity in Indonesia. emSigner now gives you an option to sign documents using Cloud key for signing which is integrated with VIDA. VIDA supports CSC-based signing and now anybody having a set eKYC with VIDA CA can sign documents on the emSigner application. To sign, you can simply choose VIDA under the type of signing on the emSigner platform and you will be redirected to the VIDA signing page and receive a notification on your registered mobile number requesting your approval, followed by completing a face authentication.

Bring your Own keys with Azure key vault integration (BYOK)

Looking into another capability of this new release is a new (BYOK) Bring Your Own Key method which allows you to import your own personal keys into Azure key vault and use them to sign documents. This feature is particularly useful when you want to have control over your keys and have users sign documents using remote signing without the need for carrying crypto tokens or smart cards.

Recipient Signing experience

You will find an enhanced recipient or end-user signing experience in this new release. Responsive UI enables you to even sign through your mobile phones with just a couple of clicks.

Define a workflow with 50 Signatories

With our new User Interface, enjoy your signing experience by defining your custom workflows. This option is newly added to this release and it helps you initiate your workflows with as many as 50 signatories using emSigner.

Multilingual Email templates

Email templates do not necessarily have to be set at default to be communicated in English. We now introduce you to our multilingual outgoing email templates, where we let you take advantage of our email templates and configure the language of your choice when sending outgoing emails.

Define Maker & checker for Adhoc user management

This feature offers increased security particularly in the case of regulated industries where user creation follows maker/checker principles. With this, an end-user will not become active until he is approved by a designated checker helping organizations meet compliance requirements.

Google-Based Authentication

emSigner allows you to achieve security and reliability while easing the use of application by choosing your authentication method. You can now use Google to authenticate your identity with us. In order to use this option, simply log in using google authentication on your emSigner login page.

Reminders and Notifications

For organizations operating with huge numbers of digital signing and transactions, you may miss tracking the signatories. You can now set up reminders and notifications on every workflow so that users are notified that they have an action pending.

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