What is Geofencing and how can the emsigner users use this feature?

Geofencing in emSigner refers to the use of geographical boundaries or location-based restrictions within the software to control where and when users can digitally sign documents. Geofencing can be implemented using GPS data from mobile devices, IP addresses, or other location-detection technologies.

Geofencing can be used in the below cases:

Location-based Document Signing: With geofencing, you can restrict document signing to specific physical locations. For example, you might require that a contract can only be signed within the office premises or at a specific client's location. This helps ensure that the document is being signed in a controlled environment.

Compliance and Legal Requirements: In some cases, regulatory requirements may demand that certain documents are signed within a particular jurisdiction. Geofencing can help ensure that users are within the required jurisdiction before allowing them to sign documents, ensuring compliance with legal standards.

Preventing Unauthorized Access: Geofencing can also be used to limit access to sensitive documents or features of a signing software to specific locations. For instance, certain confidential documents can only be accessed or signed while the user is physically present at a secure facility.

Below are the steps for the Admin to define a Geofencing profile.

Step 1: Login into the Administrator account and click on the "Settings" tab.

Step 2: Navigate to "Geofencing" under "Admin Settings."

Step 3: Click on the "Create New" button to create a new geofencing profile. This page will also have all the list of profiles created.

Step 4: The details like the Name of the profile, latitude, longitude, Radius and the Permission type are the details that are needed while creating a profile.

Step 5: Once all these details are filled, the profile has to be saved by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Step 6: The details of these geofencing profiles can be edited and deleted by using the pen and the bin icons in the Geofencing profiles page.

There are two types of Permissions while creating a geofencing profile.

Deny Signing till location enabled: Enabling this option will not allow the users to sign the document unless and until they are in that allowed radius that is defined by the Admin. When a user tries to sign any document from outside of that allowed radius they will be notified with the below message. The user is not allowed to sign the document till they are in the allowed radius.

Warn and Proceed for Signing: Enabling this option will warn the users that they are outside of the defined radius for signing the document and allow them for signing. When a user tries to sign any document from outside of that allowed radius they will be notified with the below message and allowed for signing.

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