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Release Notes for emSigner version 2.8.6

emSigner Release Notes: September 2022

As part of the annual cloud release, the emSigner platform has been further calibrated with new enhancements and features. From UI/UX to new functionalities, emSigner V2.8.6 is all set to provide its users with better navigation, co-branding enhancements for zero-code white-labeling, and a bunch of new features for better product resilience and scalability. With this new release, emSigner is more personalized for its users and offers key API-based integrations to support a multitude of use cases.

New features for region-based: GLOBAL

UI Upgrade for a better User Journey

Right from the time you subscribe for a plan, navigation and card placements have been updated to give a better user experience throughout the purchase journey and afterward. The login page has been updated with a centralized login console to give a refreshed look and feel to the existing user journey. After login, the dashboard has been updated with options to choose from different colour palettes as backgrounds to highlight the status of all the documents in your pipeline. Now you can also search a document by ‘Signed on/Reviewed on’ parameters to speed up your workflow. ‘Reports Dashboard’ has been updated with an option to view the top 10 external vs. internal users in an interactive graphic design. This gives the user a bird's-eye view over reports. A new ‘Filter’ option has also been added to this section to allow users to seamlessly search and export reports.

Enhanced White-labelling for both Portal and Gateway

In the latest release, users will have the option to change the theme of the platform interface as per their brand guidelines. All the theme elements such as header, buttons, and hyperlinks for background and text, can be customized to any colour with this latest update. This enhancement is not just limited to the main portal but also comes with the gateway settings. With this update, brands using emSigner for signing can maintain standardization of user experience during the signing process.

User Profile Updates

Who doesn’t like to personalize his/her profile and the associated elements on any platform? With the V2.8.6 release, you can add a picture to your profile. It’s fine if you choose to go with the system generated signatures while signing, but with this latest release, the user has the option to upload an image of his/her handwritten signature and set the same as the default for signing documents. This update adds an element of affinity towards digital signing in the mind of the user and helps in better usage of the platform.

Add Initials to Documents

With the latest version release, the workflow initiator can now add the initials of the signer(s) on the document to be signed. Pre-defined initials can be chosen from the options while selecting the type of signature to be put on the document. This feature will now enable users to add initials on contracts and agreement copies and the same can be placed on a single page, multiple pages or all the pages of the document.

In-Person Signing

This new feature has been added to the platform in addition to the pre-existing serial and bulk signing functionality. In-person signing can be best put to use at the point of onboarding. With this feature, the entire signing workflow can be executed in a single window without the need to send the document to be signed in another working environment. Here the document initiator and the second party, both can sign on the same device. This feature is apt for Digital Banking Units (DPUs) to quickly onboard new customers with an end-to-end digital interface, that allows the customers to sign documents on the go.

Embedded Signing using emSigner

emSigner cloud platform is now enabled with an embedded signing feature that allows a user to initiate the document signing journey from any third-party application. emSigner can be quickly integrated with CRM/ERPs and other third-party systems using Secured RESTful/SOAP APIs. You can upload a document on the ERP/CRM to initiate the workflow or you can simply launch emSigner in your application environment and then initiate the workflow. It is a seamless process to digitally sign documents with our embedded Signing feature.

Purging of Deleted Documents for Audit Trail

With this latest update, documents deleted by users on the emSigner platform will now be moved into the category of purged documents, so that the log can be referred at a later stage. This will help in keeping track of all the documents deleted from the platform and the same can be tracked via document number and category. With this update, you can create an audit log inclusive of the deleted documents from the platform.

Notification to Ad-hoc users via SMS

In the earlier versions of emSigner, notifications to Ad-hoc users were only sent via emails. As an enhancement to this feature, the latest version release will now enable users to also trigger SMS notifications to Ad-hoc users for document signing requests and reminders. As an added security feature of this update, the ad-hoc user will have to authenticate using SMS and email OTP to preview and while signing the document.

BYOK with Remote signing, Azure key vault

With this newly added feature to the platform, administrators can add a new VAS setting to enable remote signing using certificates from emSign, and Azure key vault. While setting up the VAS, you have to enter the client ID, key ID and access key. Certificates for both organizations and individuals can be added as part of the setting. Pin protection has been provided to maintain the watertight security of this feature. This new update can be enabled for both internal and external (Organization) users.

Common Name (Organization and Individual) as a Configuration (Offline Bulk Signing)

As an enhancement to the bulk signing feature (offline), now you can add a common name for a green verified marks on the documents signed in bulk (offline). Administrators can change this signature setting as part of advanced settings on the platform.

Save Documents as Draft

With this new release, documents for signing can be saved as drafts after upload. This feature has been added to provide flexibility to the users so that they do not have to reinitiate a workflow every time. Users can now simply pick from where they left off. The document initiator can now set reminders so that the workflow can be completed quickly. This feature is applicable to both new documents, and Flexi-forms and both internal and Adhoc users can access this feature on the platform.

Storage Connecters for DocStore Now, emSigner users can choose among AWS S3 bucket, Azure, OneDrive and Google Drive to push completed documents and workflow completion certificates. This new integration gives our users the flexibility of using one or more connectors to store signed documents.

Support for Mixed Orientation Documents

With the latest version release, users can now upload documents containing both portrait and landscape orientation on the platform. This new feature update gives all emSigner users the flexibility to speed up their workflows. Now there is no need to change document orientation before uploading the document for signing.

In conclusion, emSigner is a one-stop solution to orchestrate all actions associated with document signing. Just a few clicks on the platform and voila; your document is signed and sent to the recipient for cross signing or other related actions. With emSigner, you can sign legally binding documents for a wide variety of use cases. Documents signed on emSigner are legally valid and on par with documents signed using wet signatures. It is just a faster and smarter way to sign documents on the go – from anywhere, anytime!

New features for region-based: INDIA

Integration with CDSL for eSign 2.0

In order to maintain 100% uptime of our eSign service on the platform, it has been integrated with eSign 2.0 by CDSL, so that users have options while signing a document. Also, in case of downtime, users have an option to still perform eSign using a second service provider without leaving the platform. This integration allows the users to eSign only a single document at a time.

Enabled with Digital eStamping by NESL

Digital eStamping is the latest feature to be added to the emSigner platform. Now you can sign operational and financial contracts and pay stamp duty on the emSigner platform. Just initiate your workflow on the platform and eSign and stamp your contract in three simple steps.

  • Upload agreement copy and initiate eStamping

  • Add parties to the document, define stamp duty value

  • Review and eSign the eStamped* document online and you are done

*Please note that this is NOT a scanned copy of the stamp paper but a Digitally eStamped contract.

Offline eStamping

Offline eStamping has also been added as a standalone feature on the platform. emSigner users can now request to procure Stamp Paper on the platform itself by selecting the denomination, state and quantity of the Stamp Papers. The same will be issued against each request and the user can then go on to merge the stamp paper with the concerned contract and continue with the workflow to eSign the eStamped financial or operational contract. By having both online and offline mode of eStamping, emSigner now enables users to sign legally binding contracts in a 100% PAPERLESS manner.

New features for region-based: KSA(The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

emdha eSign integrated for KSA Region

emdha eSign gateway has been integrated into the platform as a signing method for users based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This addition will help in better adoption of the platform in the KSA region with users having the flexibility to perform National ID based eSign. emdha users can login using UAV credentials and perform eSign on the document initiated on emSigner platform.

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