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Release Notes for emSigner version 2.8.8

emSigner Release Notes: September 2023

This release brought a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes that are designed to enhance your experience and make your workflow even smoother. Read on to discover what’s new:

New Features

Region: GLOBAL

User Interface (UI) Improvements: Modernized Design:

Our user interface has undergone a stylish makeover! Enjoy a sleek and modernized design that not only looks great but also provides users with an enhanced experience and an improved overall user journey.

Expiry of a document & Reminders:

Taking document management to the next level, the Document Expiry feature empowers initiators to set expiry dates for documents, enhancing organization and ensuring timely actions. With automated reminder emails, you can stay on top of important deadlines effortlessly.

The system will send reminder emails based on the frequency set by the initiator, helping the stakeholders take necessary actions in a timely manner.

Photo & Company Stamp:

Revolutionizing document customization, this new functionality offers initiators the ability to drag and drop photo and company stamps onto the documents while initiating. Unlike before, where company stamps were appended solely at the signature, this new feature lets the initiator place company stamps exactly where they belong, enhancing visual consistency and professionalism.

Define Signatories / Reviewers:

Taking document collaboration to the next level, the new feature in the Define Signatories / Reviewers enables initiators to specify the number of additional signers or reviewers and their details during the document upload process itself. This intuitive functionality ensures that the document is routed to the right individuals for signing or review right from the start.

Other Signing options for Bulk Signing in the Dashboard:

We are thrilled to introduce a major enhancement to emSigner application – the Other Signing Options for Bulk Signing feature, now available in Version [V2.8.8]. This feature empowers signatories in the Pending tab of the Dashboard with additional signing methods for bulk document processing. With the inclusion of Hardware Security Module (HSM), Remote, and Azure Key Vault (AKV) signing options, you can now enjoy a more versatile and efficient signing experience.

Selfie Capture for Ad hoc Users:

This release has brought some changes to the emSigner application which lets the initiator to enforce the Selfie Capture for the Ad hoc user to cater customer or employee onboarding while doing the signing process. The captured Selfie can be appended in the document as well as the completion certificate along with the geotagging details which will enhance the authentication and security.

Geolocation based tagging:

This release enables the application to capture the geolocation details of the Ad hoc user in the completion certificate if they allow the Location sharing. This provides real-time verification, ensuring that the document is signed in the intended location at the exact moment of signing and provides a robust audit trail.

New completion certificate with Photo:

This is a new addition to the completion certificate which will add the captured Selfie image to the Completion Certificate when the Selfie capture is enabled by the Initiator for the Ad hoc user. Selfie capture can help organizations meet regulatory requirements for identity verification, especially in industries with strict compliance standards.

emBridge integration:

The emSigner application is integrated with the emBridge application through which the users can sign the documents. Earlier the users were signing the documents by selecting the certificate in the emSigner utility.

Pharma based new configurations:

The admin can now enable the Reason and Location for eSignature, which will en-force the user to provide these details and also enforce PIN authentication, which can be configured as part of the Additional Settings. The Reason and Location this will be captured in the final signed document under the signature. The users can define their own PIN when they are using the signing application for the first time, and they also have the ability to reset it if they forget.

New Features

Region: INDIA

e-Stamping Multi Document:

Managing document stamping has never been more efficient! With the e-Stamping Multi Document feature, you can now stamp multiple documents in a single, seamless process. No more manual stamping or tedious repetition – this feature is here to simplify your work and save your valuable time.

Payment collection in e-Stamping:

We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing enhancement to emSigner – the Payment collection in e-Stamping feature, now available in Version 2.8.8. With payment collection in e-Stamping, Ad hoc users can now pay for stamping duties and fees directly within the emSigner platform. This eliminates the need to navigate to external payment gateways or systems, providing a truly end-to-end solution.

Demographic Data validation using Aadhaar:

While initiating the workflow, the initiator can now enable Demographic Data validation, which enables the emSigner application to verify the Name of the Ad hoc user, Year of birth, and Gender as per the Aadhar while using the eSignV2 mode of signing.

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