Selfie Capture & Liveliness Check

What is Selfie Capture, how can it be enabled?

When it comes to remotely signing crucial documents, it's essential to be completely confident that the individual using the electronic signature is indeed who they say they are. The absence of traditional face-to-face interactions in business transactions has introduced a challenge in ensuring certainty.

This is precisely why the functionality of selfie capture & liveliness check is enabled. By incorporating selfie capture into the process, the platform aims to establish a more secure and reliable method of confirming the identity of individuals engaged in remote document signing. With the absence of in-person interactions, the selfie capture feature becomes a valuable tool to enhance assurance and mitigate the challenges posed by the lack of face-to-face verification in today's digital transactions.

In this the application will ask the user to capture their selfie video for 5 seconds and will validate it to allow the users for signing the document. This particular functionality for capturing the video is only availabe for the Adhoc users and is not available for the Internal users. An image taken from this 5 second video will be embedded in the completion certificate.

Below are the steps on how the Initiator can enable this validation for the Adhoc users.

Step 1: Log in to using your Admin Username and Password.

Step 2: Click on 'Create an Envelope' to upload a document for signing.

Step 3: Click on 'Upload' to upload the document for signing.

Step 4: Select the Adhoc signatory that needs to sign the document and click on continue.

Step 5: From the Additional settings drop-down, select the 'Liveliness Check' option, which will prompt the users to capture their selfie video.

Step 6: Drag and drop the nsignature placeholders wherever necessary and click on 'Send'. The initiator will get a success message indicating that the document is sent successfully to the signatory.

The signatory will receive an email with the link to sign the document. Once they opens the link to sign the document, they will be redirected to the instructions screen proceed with the Liveliness check.

The signatory can replay the video captured to ensure that the recording is proper. Once they are okay with the recorded video,they can click on 'Proceed'. The application will analyze the recording and once it ensures that the Liveliness check is successful, it will allow the user to sign the document. The signatory can complete their signing of the document.

The completion certificate will have the image of the signatory captured embedded in it (taken from the video recorded).

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