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emSigner Release Notes: May 2024

We're excited to announce emSigner! This update features improved integration capabilities for seamless system interactions and a revamped, user-friendly interface for easier digital signature management. Experience enhanced productivity and a more intuitive design with the latest version of emSigner. Discover the new features today!

New Features

Region: GLOBAL

User Interface (UI) Improvements:

We are pleased to announce a series of UI enhancements aimed at improving your user experience. These updates include added information to the Template details, Envelope Name for easy identification of the envelope, Initials appearance. Enjoy a more intuitive and efficient interface with these latest improvements.

Completion Certificate & Doc Log Changes:

In this release, we have introduced changes to include GUID in both the Document log and Completion certificate for better tracking. This enhancement improves the ability to uniquely identify and verify documents, ensuring traceability throughout the document lifecycle.

Long Term Validity:

As a part of this release, we are enforcing Long-term validity for all Global eSignatures by default. This enhancement ensures that all electronic signatures remain verifiable and compliant over an extended period, providing greater security and reliability for your signed documents.

Integration with WhatsApp for sending Notifications:

In this release we have introduced a new feature that enhances your document signing experience: you can now receive both the Signing link and the Completion document link directly through WhatsApp. This enhancement provides instant access, allowing you to quickly sign and complete documents on the go without checking your email.

Email Services:

We have enabled a new retry option in the application, ensuring that the email service will attempt to resend an email up to three times if it initially fails to send. This enhancement increases the reliability of our email notifications, providing greater assurance that all emails will reach their intended recipients.

Bulk Sign Attachment:

In this new release, we have enabled the option to add attachments during the bulk initiation of documents. This enhancement streamlines the document handling process, allowing you to easily include necessary files when initiating multiple documents at once, improving efficiency and convenience.

Automated Signing:

In cases where there is a password-protected document, the application will now send an email to the signatory, requiring the document to be signed manually. This ensures the security and integrity of sensitive documents while maintaining compliance with our enhanced authentication procedures.

Multi Region routing:

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature: Multi-region routing. Our application now automatically detects the data residency and logs them into that instance. If there are accounts in multiple instances, the application allows user to select their preferred region for login through the UI screen. This provides greater flexibility and control over their experience. This enhancement aims to deliver a more personalized and responsive experience, tailored to individual needs and preferences and will open-up all the integrations with different apps globally. This functionality is available for the Mobile App also where the user can select the region that they want to log into.

emSigner Blog:

We are excited to announce the introduction of the emSigner blog! This new platform will feature the latest updates, best practices, and insights on digital signature solutions. Stay informed about industry trends, new features, and tips to maximize the benefits of using emSigner. Engage with our community and enhance your digital signing experience through our informative and engaging blog content. Click here to visit the blog.

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