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How do I scan and store the documents?

The emSigner user is provided with the ability to scan any document and store it in their emSigner account.

Step 1: Login to emSigner account using valid credentials

Step 2: Navigate to the List of Documents page through the DocStore. Click on Scan Document to open the .

Step 3:

  • The first time, when you click on the “Scan Document” button, it will prompt for the installation of “Dynamsoft Service”.

  • Install Dynamsoft Service

  • Dynamsoft is a plugin that will act as a bridge between a web application and a scanner that is connected to your system.

  • Driver’s installation is a one-time activity.

  • Next time, when the users click on the “Scan Document” button, it will auto detect the drivers that are installed for the scanner in the system and it will show in the source.

Step 4: Select Category:

  • Once Drivers are successfully installed, click on “Scan Document” button from the Document Store and click on “Browse Category” button to a select category.

  • When you click on “Browse Category” all the workflows listed in the account will display.

  • This step is helpful to select the workflow category for the document.

  • Select the category from the workflow that document should reside.

  • Prerequisite is to create a workflow in the system as per the requirement.

Step 5: Select Scanner, Click on Select Source to select appropriate scanner source machine and click “Scan” button. The scanned document is uploaded and the preview will be displayed.

Step 6: Scan and Save Documents

  • The Scanned document is uploaded in this page. There are various settings to be selected based on the organization’s set parameters.

  • User could scan multiple documents using Multi –Page PDF/TIFF option.

  • When the scanned copy is saved in other than PDF format like (PNG, JPEG) then saved document will be viewed only in Doc Store but not in the Drafts.

  • Click on save button to upload the scanned document.

  • User could navigate to “Scan New Document” to scan a new document by selecting the scanner source machine or “Go to Doc store” to view the scanned document.

  • Click on “Go to Doc store” to navigate to document storage repository.

Step 7: View Scanned Document in Repository

  • This page displays the scanned document in the document storage repository.

Step 8: Initiate Signing

  • The scanned document will be saved in the Drafts section under Dashboard.

  • User could navigate to Dashboard and click on Drafts button to view the Scanned document.

  • Once the document is saved in Drafts in PDF format, user can proceed with the signing process by clicking on Initiate button.

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