Initiate, Sign & Send - Uploading the document to Teams

Below are the steps to initiate and sign the uploaded document without any attachments

Step 1: Once the user has logged into the emSigner, click on “Sign in using emSigner” without selecting the document from the available list. This will open the Document upload option.

Step 2: After the document upload is done, a preview of the document is opened. Add the Signatories from the “Add Signatory” tab. Drag and drop the signature placeholders onto the document.

Step 3: Click on the signature placeholder and select the mode of signature and visual appearance. Click on “Apply and Preview”.

Step 4: Once the signature is applied click on the “Send” button. The document is successfully signed by the initiator and sent to the second signatory in the workflow.

Step 5: The initiator can find this document in the “Waiting for others” tab as the second signatory is yet to sign the document. Once all the signatories sign the document, it will be available on the Completed tab.

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