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Release Notes for emSigner version 2.8.7

emSigner Release Notes: February 2023

We value and religiously focus on Continuous service improvements(CSI), and as part of CSI the emSigner platform has been further calibrated with new enhancements and features. From UI/UX to new functionalities, emSigner V2.8.7 is all set to provide users with better navigation, co-branding enhancements for zero-code white-labeling, and a bunch of new features for better product resilience and scalability.

New Features

Region: GLOBAL

Date & Time on Initials

When the initiator creates a workflow with the date and time feature enabled while adding initials, you will be able to view the date and time the initials were signed based on the time zone. This feature is applicable to you in all cases where you wish to use initials in your documents and will eliminate any confusion for users in different time zones.


Version 2.8.7 allows you to add your Barcode information to the documents initiated. This feature now enables our users to quickly view the details of the documents by just scanning the Barcode through any type of barcode scanner.

Embedded Signing

This release enables users to initiate workflows, view, and sign documents directly through their app or website by using the embedded signing feature. By directly integrating emSigner into the customer’s application process flow, this feature enables the API client applications to maintain their connection with their envelope recipients.

For browser integrations, redirecting/framing can be used to host the signing workflow. The following are ways in which embedded signing is usually performed;

  • Sign and send the document to another recipient.

  • Send a document to any other recipient.

  • In-Person embedded signing

  • Parallel / Serial Workflow

Enhanced Completion Certificate

Stop waiting to download those certificates one by one. You can now download all the certificates from a transaction hassle-free with the new All Certificates feature. When there is more than one document that has been signed in a single transaction, upon the signing of all signatories, the user can now download all the certificates or just one of those certificates from that transaction.

Visual Appearance Settings

This is a new addition to the Advanced Settings. This feature allows users and administrators to enable or disable visual appearances while signing a document. The user can perform this activity under Generate Signature Settings during the signing and preview of a document.

New Features

Region: INDIA

Seamless integration in Online eStamping

This release has brought some changes to the emSigner application, which lets you enable seamless integration with online eStamping. Users can now directly land on the NeSL eStamping platform and complete the transaction with ease.

UI Changes related to eStamping

Version 2.8.7 presents you with new changes on the UI with regards to the eStamping workflow, providing you with an enhanced experience and an improved overall user journey. We understand that continuous and consistent improvements will simply help you confidently use our product. New fields have been added to capture Date of Birth and PAN number under the Manage User section for eStamping.

New features

Region: KSA (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

The enhanced emdha eSign gateway has been integrated into the emSigner platform as part of a signing method for users based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This addition will help in better adoption of the platform in the KSA region, with users having the flexibility to perform National ID based eSign. emdha users can login using UAV credentials and perform eSign on the document initiated on the emSigner platform.

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