What is eSignV3 and how can the user sign the document using it?

emSigner as a workflow platform support digital certificates from any certifying authority around the world. Out of the box, it comes with support for eSignatures based on Click or Type to Sign, eSign, Crypto-token enabled digital certificates issued by Certifying Authorities and Remote Signing.


Step 1: On the signing page, you will have the option to select the type of signature you prefer. Select 'eSignV3'.

Step 2: To proceed with signing, please click on 'Apply and Preview'.

Step 3: eSignV3 will take you to the Aadhaar Authenticate page to complete signing, where you have to complete your authentication using the Signer ID, PIN, and Aadhaar OTP.

To get a Signer ID, You will have to enroll for eSign account using the below link or click on "Create a New Account" and complete your enrollment. URL to create eSign account:

STEP 4: Once the Aadhaar authentication is successful, the document will be successfully signed and you will receive a confirmation.

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