What features are provided to the user under this Professional plan?

Along with the features that are provided in the Advanced Plan, the Professional Plan offers users the following exciting features:

  • Bulk Sign and Send

  • Bulk Send and Sign

  • Dynamic Signatories - Add signatories on the Fly

  • Auto Delegate (for Out of Office)

  • Online digital signature validation - Validate the Authenticity of the digitally signed documents

  • Encryption/Decryption - Encrypt documents using public key of the recipient / Encrypt documents using crypto keys stored in your crypto devices.

  • Custom Digital Certificates for Counter Signing - Used in case you would like to countersign documents signed by employees by your own organizational certificate

  • Custom Status

  • FTP Settings - Connect to external FTP servers to pull documents and merge them during signing

  • Webhooks

  • Custom SMTP Policy

  • Timestamping and LTV - Timestamp documents and enable them for long term validity using digital signature standards

  • Signer Gateway - Embed document signing experience as part of your websites or portals in a completely custom branded manner

  • Mobile App

  • Setting user level view permissions for workflows

  • Certificate Settings

  • Capture Selfie

  • Verify Demographic Data

  • 24x7 Support, < 12hr response time SLA

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