Bulk Signing in Dashboard

How to bulk sign the document from the dashboard?

Bulk Signing in a Dashboard typically refers to the ability to sign multiple documents or transactions at once within a software or online platform, often used for administrative or workflow purposes.

Once the document are initiated to any user, the same will be available in their Profile Dashboard. The user can verify the initiated document and proceed for signing multiple document at once.

You will have to select all the document that require signature and then proceed for signing by selecting the "Sign/Review" Button.

Two Signing options will be enabled for the Bulk signing from the dashboard. 1.eSignature and 2. DSC.

You can refer both eSignature based and DSC based signing option below. Upon selection of the document, emSigner will also validate the document selection and populate the document that are considered for signing. These documents will be listed as a part of "Documents Included". If document are already initiated through "Flexi Form Template", then the same will not be considered for Bulk Signing activity. These documents will be listed as a part of "Documents Excluded" section.

eSignature Signing Option:

DSC Based Signing:

Select the respective signing option and complete the signing process.

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