emSigner Integration with Microsoft Teams

The emSigner for Teams app supports Tab to facilitate the document signing functionality for Teams, Chat and Meeting. The integrated Teams app allows the user to upload single/multiple documents for signing, along with single/multiple supporting documents.

Once the document is signed in Teams, it can be downloaded and will be available in the Share Point for Teams and One Drive for the Chat group. The emSigner Dashboard functionality allows you to view the documents under Pending for my signature, Pending for others, Completed, Declined and Recalled. The documents can be downloaded/viewed under the Completed tab.

Salient features:

  • Ability to invoke emSigner in any Teams chat, channel or as a meeting.

  • Dashboard to track status of documents (pending, completed).

  • Upload and sign up to 10 documents with attachments and send them to multiple parties for their signature.

  • Add dynamic fields to the document (Name, Email, Text etc.,) for originator/other parties to fill before signing.

  • Set ability for parties to sign using legally valid/binding signatures (Crypto-token, AADHAAR, PAN, eSignature).

  • Add eStamping (Online/Offline) to affix stamp paper dynamically wherever agreements require this capability.

  • Complete audit trail, document log and activity log

  • Downloaded document will be available in SharePoint and the Signed documents stored on emSigner.

Sample Use Cases:

  • Agreements with online eStamping capability

  • HR Offer Letters

  • Sales contracts/quotations

  • Internal approvals which require legal validity

Scope - emSigner for Teams:

  • Within the Chat window

  • Within a specific team window

  • Within a specific Group window

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