What does the "Declined" section represent, and what are the available options for the user?

In emSigner, the "Declined" tab displays the list of envelopes that have been declined by a participant in the workflow.

The user can access these envelopes by clicking on the Declined tab on the Dashboard.

The initial grid will show the details of the envelopes, like the Created By, Date & Time, Envelope Name, Unique Reference Number, Declined By & on. Each envelope will also have a "View" button under the Actions grid.

The user can act on the envelope by clicking on the respective buttons.

Signing order: Clicking on the Signing order will open the Signing Order diagram in the pop-up. This shows a pictorial representation of the status of the workflow.

Comments: Clicking on the "Comments" button will prompt the user to input their comments and also give them the option to Notify all stakeholders.

Remarks: Clicking on the "Remarks" button will show the user the Remarks that were made when the envelope was declined.

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