Frequently Asked Questions

We listed some frequently asked questions for you. If you don't find your questions here, please browse the Knowledge Base or Raise a Ticket.

What is emSigner and what does it do?

emSigner is a simple and intuitive web-based software-as-a-service that allows you to sign legally binding documents online, without pen, paper or fax. In a way that is faster and more secure than executing paper documents.

What makes emSigner better than the competitors?

emSigner is a 100% web based application, flexible, easy to use, doesn’t require any installation and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and leaves zero foot print on our servers as compared to the competitors desktop based applications which has limited flexibility and usage limits.

Which browser does emSigners support?

emSigner supports the following browsers

• Internet Explorer
• Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Opera
• Safari

Where can I find information about pricing?

Click herefor pricing.

Is there a Session timeout for emSigner?

Yes: 20 minutes, emSigner has its own web app session timeout setting which is set to 20 minutes, the maximum that emSigner allows.

What level of support does emSigners offer?

emSigner offers the following support options:
FAQ’s, Forum, Blogs, Phone Support.

Can I try emSigner before I decide to buy?

Yes. We offer free 7-days trial to help you know about emSigner before you decide to purchase.
Click here to create free trial account now.

Can I cancel or change plans at any time?

You can upgrade your plan at any time. For cancellation or downgrading of plans you need to Contact emudhra.

Can I brand or white label emSigner with my logo?

Yes. emSigner offers extensive branding options. Branding your emSigner account is an excellent way to add the look and feel of your organization’s brand to the sending & signing process making it easier for users to identify documents coming from your organization.

What kinds of documents should I sign?

PDF documents are currently supported and can be signed using emSigner.

Do recipients need to have an emSigner account?

No, recipients of your documents do not need an account to sign with emSigner. Create such signer as adhoc and Your document will be sent via email from emSigner and adhoc recipients can review and sign the document without having an emSigner account.

What other apps emSigners integrate with?

emSigners integrates with the following apps:
Google drive, Drop box, Box, ZOHO, Microsoft Office 365.

What is eSign?

eSign service is an easy, efficient and secure way of digitally signing electronic documents. With this service, any Aadhaar holder can digitally sign an electronic document without having to obtain a physical digital signature dongle.

I have a question about using emSigner that is not answered here. What can I do?

Contact Us and we will be happy to help you.

Can I change the email address associated with my account?

Once the account has been created, the email address cannot be changed.

How does it work?

For Free Trial Account:

Step 1 Go to Plans and Pricing page in emSigner.
Step 2 Choose a emSigner Subscription Model(Free Trial)
Step 3 Choose Free Trial
Step 4 Enter Required Information in page
Step 5 Submit to get a Free Trial Account
Step 6 Login with your credentials sent to registered mail
Step 7 Change your password and start using emSigner

For Basic/Essential/Advanced/Professional Account:

Step 1 Go to Plans and Pricing page in emSigner.
Step 2 Choose a emSigner Subscription Model(Basic/Essential/Advanced/Professional)
Step 2 Choose plan account to your requirement
Step 3 Complete payment
Step 4 Login with your credentials sent to registered mail
Step 5 Change your password and start using emSigner

For Enterprise Account:

Step 1 Go to Plans and Pricing page in emSigner.
Step 2 Contact Us for enterprise account
Step 3 Provide us your requirement
Step 4 We will customize emSigner for you and deploy on-premise
Step 5 Now you are good to use customized emSigner

Isn't it safer to sign a paper document?

Electronic contracts are significantly safer and more secure than paper contracts and have the same legal standing. While documents sent by fax and mail are exposed throughout intra-office distribution, electronic documents are kept completely confidential and are viewed only by designated recipients. Furthermore, email receipts, IP records, and biometric signature data provide authentication of each signing party.

Isn’t it better to fax or scan documents?

To fax a document, you have to print it, sign it by hand, and send it. Signing with emSigner is way faster than using outdated technology from the 80s! Once a document has been faxed, how do you know it’s been signed by the right person and not just someone who stumbled upon it? With emSigner, you can forget about printing your documents—simply hold on to your legal PDF copy.
Receiving a fax, signing the document, and sending it back is a long, drawn-out process, and scanning is hardly better. emSigner is an efficient, modern way to sign documents quickly, while ensuring their validity and legality.
emSigner’s platform provides a reliable, independent method for ensuring the integrity of your documents.
Not only is using emSigner easier than faxing your documents, it’s faster and more efficient too. It also lets you track the signatures added to your legal documents and ensure they are valid.

Who can use this service?

emSigner is ideal for individuals, small and medium businesses, freelancers, designers, developers, attorneys, contractors, schools, non-profits organizations, and many more. emSigner is simple enough for individual professionals and powerful enough for enterprise demands. If your work requires signed documents, you need emSigner.

What should I do if I can't log in?

Carefully check your email address to be sure you haven't mistyped it. Also, type your password slowly and carefully. If those don't work, you can reset your password by clicking "Can’t access your account?" If you follow the password reset process, and you are still unable to log in, please contact us for assistance.

What are the benefits of a multi-user account?

With a multi-user account, you can create multiple users as per your choice of purchase. Each such user created will be provided a separate login and dashboard. Adhoc users are those who are not considered as regular users under your account and don’t need to have an emSigner account in order to receive or sign documents.

Are digital signatures obtained via emSigner legally valid?

Yes, subsequent to the enactment of Information Technology Act 2000 in India, Digital Signature Certificates are legally valid in India. Digital Signature Certificates are issued by licensed Certifying Authorities under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India as per the Information Technology Act.

How does emSigner support a paper-free initiative?

Motivated by environmental concerns and cost savings, many offices are pursuing paper-free initiatives. emSigner is a key component in reducing paper use, providing a secure, effective method to get documents signed online without printed copies.

Does emSigner offer an on-premise solution?

Yes, emSigner is offered on premise solution in Enterprise account. This offers number of significant legal and cost advantages for the client. Contact Us for Enterprise account.

What are Cloud/SaaS solutions?

Cloud or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions are centrally hosted and remotely accessed by users over the Web. These solutions allow end-users to access services and technologies without the need for a local appliance/hardware installation.

Can I encrypt documents with emSigner?

Yes. emSigner supports encrypting documents because in the event that your key is lost all previously encrypted information will be irretrievable and therefore permanently lost.

How can I validate a digital signature?

Login to your emSigner account, on dashboard adhoc Uses section has “Validate” option, select validate option and simply click PDF/XML/PKCS7 link to start validating the signatures. Validating the digital signature enables the recipient to authenticate the identity of the signer and view the reason, date and time of the signature. Validation guarantees the signed document was not tampered with and/or modified, ensuring the signer was a valid employee. emSigner cloud allows receiving parties to validate signatures without requiring software installation. Note: Validating a signature varies slightly according to the application and its version.

What are the technical prerequisites for using the emSigner web interface? What software do I need?

emSigner web interface runs great with Internet Explorer (version 9 and above), Firefox (version 3 and above), and the most recent releases of Chrome, Safari and Opera.

How do I change my password?

1. Login to emSigner and click Account.
2. Click on “Change Password.”
3. Type your current password and the new password you would like to use in the text boxes provided.
4. Click Change password.

How much does it cost?

To get the details on various subscription models Subscribe Us

What are the various modes of payment provided while subscribing for emSigner?

You can pay using various payment methods: by debit card, credit card, internet banking in case of online payments. We accept payment through cheque or demand draft also in case of offline payments.
(Note: Cheque/Demand Draft drawn in favour of “EMUDHRA LIMITED”).
For customers outside of India, cheques can be drawn in favor of 'eMudhra DMCC'

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, purchase orders are accepted from Individual, SME and Enterprise customers.

Do you provide invoices?

Yes, Invoices are available on demand for all accounts in case of offline payment, whereas proforma invoice will be provided in online payments.

How secure and confidential are my information and my documents?

Your security and confidentiality is our topmost priority. All the communications and exchange of data with emSigner are done through an HTTPS protocol, that relies on an SSL certificate used to encrypt all the communications. This communication encryption ensures that the information exchanged cannot be intercepted by anyone. All your communications are secure and confidential. Read emSigner Privacy policy

Are contracts executed online legally valid and binding?

Yes. Documents executed online with digital signatures are legally valid and have the same legal standing as paper documents executed by hand.
emSigner 's technology is in full compliance with the IT Act of 2000, the Government of India established the CCA. , all of which intended to encourage the rapid adoption of digital signatures and decrease use of antiquated paper methods. These acts reinforce the validity of electronic agreements. According to IT Act of 2000, for example, a contract "may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because digital signature or electronic record was used in its formation."

In what jurisdiction is the contract actually signed?

The jurisdiction of a contract is usually defined in the text of the document. Just like a document signed via fax or express mail, a document signed on emSigner is subject to whatever jurisdiction the document establishes in its jurisdiction clause.

What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature is an electronic form of a signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document, and also ensure that the original content of the message or document that has been sent is unchanged. Digital signatures are easily transportable and cannot be imitated by someone else. The ability to ensure that the original signed message arrived means that the sender cannot easily disclaim it later.

What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is the electronic format of physical or paper certificate like a driving License, passport etc. Certificates serve as proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; for example, a Passport identifies someone as a citizen of that country; who can legally travel to any country. Likewise, a Digital Signature Certificate can be presented electronically to prove your identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally.

Why do I need a Digital Signature Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically. It also provides you with a high level of security for your online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a Digital Signature Certificate. You can use certificates to encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it. You can digitally sign information to assure the recipient that it has not been changed in transit, and also verify your identity as the sender of the message.

Where can I purchase a Digital Signature Certificate?

Legally valid Digital Signature Certificates are issued only through a Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India, licensed Certifying Authorities (CA), such as eMudhra. eMudhra, a Certifying Authority (CA) licensed by CCA, offers secure digital signatures through various options tailored to suit individual as well as organizational needs. If you require digital signatures for transactions effective outside of India, you may purchase a digital signature certificate from a License Certifying Authority in your country.

How many documents can be sent for signing in a month?

In emSigner, number of documents that can be sent for signing in a month varies with plan purchased or subscribed. Please check below:

Basic Plan- 10 documents per month
Essential, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise Plan- Unlimited

Which plan do I need to select if I require more than 5 users?

You can choose either Essential or Advanced or Professional or Enterprise plan. Contact Us now to purchase enterprise plan.

What is the difference between each plans in emSigner?

Basic plan allows you to create only 1 user whereas other plans allow you to create users based on the choice or requirement. Each plan is unique with its features. In Enterprise plan, On-premises software is installed locally on a company’s computer and servers, priced under a one-time perpetual license fee. It is more customizable and offer greater control over data.
To get more information. Click Here.

How many documents can i sign in Free Trail plan?

5 documents