What should I do if the Digital Signatures are not reflecting? If Digital Signature is disabled or the Select Folder is disabled in Offline Signing

If Digital Signature is disabled or Select Folder is disabled in Offline Signing, then follow the below steps:

Please check whether emSigner Utility is installed or not. To know what emSigner utility is, click here

If emSigner is not installed,check below links on how to install emSigner.

After successful installation, please check that the emSigner utility is running in your machine. To ensure this: Go to Task Bar –> Locate the emSigner Icon

If you do not find the emSigner icon on the task bar, It means that the utility is not running in your system. So, 

  • Double click on the emSigner icon  created on your desktop. 
  • Double click or right click the emSigner icon on the task bar to open emSigner
  • You can check for available updates

To check emSigner updates:

  • Select the Update tab where you can find messages on updates. To update the utility, click on the update button. If utility is up to date then skip updating.
  • You will then need to check whether the same port number is reflecting after logging into the account www.emsigner.com. If it is not same, you can update the port.

To check and update the port click here

Lastly, check if you can Digital Sign in emSigner

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