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Speed Up Supplier Management Process using emSigner

Speed Up Supplier Management Process by Up to 80% using emSigner

There is a relentless struggle among manufacturing companies when it comes to organizing the flow of documents and operational gaps in process flow automation including recording keeping and tracking that could lead to an imminent slowdown.

emSigner from eMudhra can help manufacturers eliminate potential slowdowns by helping them automate workflows and keep track of records and documents in real-time across the supply chain.

Some of the ways in which emSigner can augment your supplier management are:

Expedite Customer Onboarding by Going Digital and Stay Safe!

electronic signature solution for customer onboarding

Owing to recent business disruptions, organizations are migrating to work-from-home models rapidly. Needless to say, this can cause some concerns around customer onboarding and can hamper customer experience.

As Healthcare providers work round the clock, we are here to help your employees work from home

Paperless Office Solution for Healthcare

emSigner is a paperless office solution that can help your employees handle documentation requirements digitally from the safety of their home, especially if the documents are required to be approved and signed off for further processes such as:

•   Vendor invoices that have to be reviewed, approved and signed off before processing for payments

•   Employee related contracts which are required to be signed and countersigned

•   Stock receipts and issues related documents requiring approvals

Digital Customer Onboarding is a Need of the Hour

Digital Customer Onboarding is a Need of the Hour

According to Deloitte, 38% of customers consider user experience as the most important criterion when choosing a digital bank. This simply implies that no matter how great the functionality of the bank’s digital products is, and no matter how attractive the bank’s offline offers are, the efforts are all in vain if the onboarding isn’t seamless.

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