Minimizing Disruptions, Maximizing Productivity in Auto Dealerships

paperless office solution for auto dealership

Does your auto dealership want to save time on filing, signing and retrieving important documents; save money on expensive commercial real estate, paper, labor, and other associated costs; and better serve the clients by accurately tracking necessary documents? Then emSigner is the solution that is tailor made for your dealership.

Sign Contracts with 80% Quicker Turnaround Time in IT services industry

emSigner: Reducing the Complications Involved in Laboratory Report Signing

Issue Diplomas in Bulk Using emSigner

Did you know that the average number of students enrolling undergraduate programs in top 1000 ranked institutions around the globe last year was 6,316? This number jumps up to 45000+, when you consider the average among the 10 institutions with the highest undergraduate enrollments. (Source: U.S. News)

Now consider the amount of time and effort it takes for the Registrar’s office of each of these institutions to print, sign and issue diplomas to these many number of students after completing the course of study. Overwhelming isn’t it!

Generate Policy Documents in Bulk Using emSigner

Manage Sales, Service and Marketing Faster on Salesforce using emSigner

Electronic Signature Solution for Salesforce - emSigner

Driving automation through the use of electronic or digital signature has become simpler on Salesforce. Leveraging emSigner, which is integrated with Salesforce, companies can now manage sales, service and marketing processes faster on cloud by digitizing end-to-end movement of documents such as Quotes, Proposals, Agreements, NDAs and contracts, etc., thus ensuring quicker revenue generation, lower costs and provide better customer experience, all the while being compliant with global standards for eSignature.