How to open and sign password protected document?

As a document originator, if he/she sets the password for the document before sending to other signatories, the respective signatory cannot open the document without entering a valid password.

If you are an Ad-hoc user

Step 1: You will receive a system generated e-mail from emSigner on behalf of the sender.

Step 2: Click on Preview & Sign button

Step 3: Upon clicking the Preview & Sign button, you will be asked to enter a valid password in-order to preview your document

Step 4: Once you enter the password and click ‘OK‘, you will be able to view the document.

If you are an Admin or Internal user

Step 1: Login to using your User Name and Password

Step 2: Once you login successfully, you will be able to view the dashboard. Click any tab (e.g, Pending/ Completed)

Step 3: You will see a list of records that requires action. Click on the “view document” icon under Actions column

Step 4: Upon clicking ‘View Document‘ icon, you will be navigated to the preview page. However, enter the password in-order to view the document

Step 5: Once you enter the password and click “Ok”, you will be to view the document successfully

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