How do I Setup Form Template using Workflow?

Note: Only Admin users will have the privilege to setup workflow template

Step 1: Login to using Admin user name and Password

Step 2: Click on Settings menu below your name icon.

Step 3: You will be navigated to the ‘Settings’ page. Click on ‘Manage workflows’ below Admin Settings

Create a new workflow:

Step 4: On Manage workflow page click on ‘Create New workflow’ or select a workflow and click on ‘Setup Template/Flexiform’

Upload Document Templates:

Step 5: On Create Template screen, click on the ‘Upload Documents’ button which will allow you to upload pdf document(s).

(Note: Flexiform allows you to bring dynamic form fields into the form for signers to fill before they sign)

Step 6: You can view the uploaded document template on the screen.

Step 7: You can see ‘Use as Flexiform’ section in the right panel. Uncheck the checkbox below it to use it as a ‘Form template’.

Step 8: Once you uncheck the box you will see this message, click Yes to start creating your form template.

Step 9: You will be able to see ‘Form Template’ on the screen.

  • On the left panel, you can see the ‘Signature’ field type.
  • On the right panel, you can see the following:

Add Signatories section – Click on ‘Add Signatory’ to add new signatories

  • Set Digital Signature Template – Click here to select a certificate profile so that the certificate that is hosted in    the external server can be fetched and used to counter sign the document.
  • Use as Flexiform section –  Click on this section if you would like to use the template as a ‘Flexiform’ Refer to ‘How do I setup Flexiform Template using workflow?’ tutorial in the knowledge base.
  • Set Workflow type – Click here to select Signing Type (Serial/ Parallel)
  • Once the above steps are completed, click “Activate’ button. You will see a message popup on successful completion. Upon completing all steps, your workflow will be created and activated successfully.
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