How do I setup Bulk send and sign in Flexi form using workflow?

Step 1: Login to using Admin user name and Password

Step 2: On the top right corner, click on your profile image and then click on “Settings”

Step 3: You will be navigated to the ‘Settings’ page. Click on ‘Manage workflows’ under Admin Settings.

Step 4: On Manage workflow page click on ‘Create New workflow’ or select a workflow and click on ‘Setup Template/Flexiform’.

Step 5: Click ‘Upload Documents’ button which will allow you to upload pdf document(s).

Step 6: Add signatories in the right panel by clicking ‘Add Signatories’ button

Step 7: On each signatory, you will find configure settings icon. Click on it to open Settings popup where you can select the following ‘Signing Type’.

  • Individual: Choose signing type for a signatory as ‘Individual’ if you would like to send documents individually for signing. Each document will be sent separately for signing.

      Select a ‘Profile name’ for the signatory and click on ‘Apply’ button.

  • Bulk: Choose signing type for a signatory as ‘Bulk’ if you would like the signer to sign all the documents collectively. All the documents will be sent in bulk to the signer so he can sign it as a whole.

You can choose either ‘Individual’ or ‘Bulk’ signing type for each signatory.

Step 8: On the Template screen, you can drag and drop the fields from the left panel into the template.

Step 9: On hover-over of dragged field, you will find configure icon, click on it. A “Form Field” popup window will open up to perform additional settings.

  • Map the signatory to form field by selecting the signatory from the Assigned To drop down list
  • In “Form Field” popup window you will find a “Tag Name” field. Enter the column name that you will be inputting while creating a CSV/XLS file. (Note: Tag Name is used to map fields against uploaded CSV/XLS data for bulk document generation.)
  • E.g., you drag a field called department from form field. While setting the Tag Name, you entered as “dept”.
  • In this case, when you create a CSV/XLS file, the column name should be same as Tag Name. (i.e. dept)

Once the settings are defined, click “Apply” button.

Step 10: Once the above steps are completed, click “Activate” button. You will see a message popup on successful completion.

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