How do I check the status of a document in a workflow?

Every document that you create or receive through emsigner has a status. The status indicates the current state of the document. This list defines all of the document statuses:

  • Completed: A document is completed once all of the signers have completed their signing action.
  • Pending: A document that has been sent to a recipient by the document owner, for signing is called a pending document. A document remains in the ‘Pending’ status, until it is signed by the respective recipient. 
  • Declined: A document that has been sent to a recipient by the document owner, and has been declined by the recipient is called a ‘Declined’ document. 
  • Recalled: The sender cancelled the document before it was completed. Signers can no longer view or sign the document. Once the document is been recalled you cannot view the document anymore.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Your Dashboard shows the status of each document out for signature. Just click on waiting for others tab from your dashboard.

Click on view document icon from actions column. You are taken to tracker page. List of all uploaded document(s) along with signers is shown on right side. Click on any document to see detailed status information about that individual party & it will be displayed in colour code. 

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