Online Contract Signing made Simple and Effective with emSigner

Online Contract Signing made Simple and Effective with emSigner

Experts at Forester Survey claim average time taken to create and approve contracts can go up to 25 days. Traditional workflows are cumbersome and dependent on physical document processing which takes time and leads to wastage of resources. With the onset of technology in almost all aspects of business process,  why waste so much time when you can create, review, edit, sign and approve contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time using emSigner?

Here are some of the highlights of emSigner:

  • emSigner allows signatories to digitally sign contracts with Simple Electronic Signatures (SES), Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) and Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES), depending upon the legal compliance required in your area or region of operations.
  • With emSigner, companies can get the contracts counter-signed by people from outside the organization using built-in KYC document upload facilities to mitigate identity risk
  • emSigner supports collaborative review and editing of contracts prior to finalization and execution
  • emSigner provides military grade encryption to enforce data integrity in both transit or at rest

emSigner is a Digital Workflow Platform that streamlines Contract Signing process with inbuilt workflows for fast processing of legal documents such as contracts. You can deploy Electronic or Digital Signatures for multiple signatories and complete the entire process online. From contract template creation to sending out the document for serial or parallel signing, you need not step out of the platform at all. emSigner quickly integrates with your existing software infrastructure and comes with out of the box configurable features.

emSigner is a fully secure new-age paperless office solution that helps you negate any risk of data slippage or breach while automating and streamlining each step of a contract’s life for both inbound and outbound transactions. Fill in your details to digitally transform your business process with emSigner:

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