Paperless Loan Application for safe and faster Processing with emSigner

digital transformation in banking operations

When it comes to banking related sevices, patience is not virtue. All the banks today strive to go paperless and create top of the line digital experience for their customers using various digital transformation solutions. It truly pays dividends when customers  think of your loan application process to be seamless.

So how do you ensure loan application to be paperless and customer friendly? The answer to this question is by digitizing and streamlining the complete process using emSigner, eMudhra’s proprietary digital signing and workflow management solution. In fact, more than 40 financial institutions in India and around the world are using emSigner to not only digitize loan application process but also provide a holistic banking experience to customers.    

Here are some of the key features of our unique paperless offering:  

  • emSigner facilitates efficient and intuitive data entry process using dynamic form entry
  • Using advanced OCR functionalities, emSigner can extract data from any form or content  
  • Using API integration, emSigner allows banks to run quick backlist checks against user profiles 
  • emSigner allows customers to electronically sign and submit account opening application form using built-in KYC document upload facilities 
  • emSigner integrates with Apache Spark based Machine Learning for building AI based transaction pipelines 
  • Using emSigner as an internal banking application, bankers can approve loan applications in bulk in less than 5 minutes

emSigner today is helping banking majors across the globe to create a PKI powered banking ecosystem to enable customer-centric digital transformation in banking operations. Our PKI trust engine and Digital Workflow Platform are helping the industry to securely orchestrate banking operations in real-time and build multiple automations to streamline internal workflows and cater to multiple business verticals in parallel.

Know more about emSigner and how it can help augment better digital experiences for happy customers:

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