How to provide comments in workflow before sending for signing?

emsigner allows you to post comments (up to 200 characters) in the document workflow to facilitate the configured signer recipients with any extra information. The configured recipients can view these comments and can also post their comments.

To post a comment,

1. Upload a document, in the online signing page click on Comments button from the right hand side of the screen. 

2. A pop up window will appear from where you can post your comments. Specify your comments in the provided field and click the post button. The posted comment will be shown below in the grid. Similarly you can add multiple comments. The comments from all the configured signer recipients can be seen in the grid along with respective recipient's name (who posted the comment). 

1. From the dashboard; click the Initiate Ad-Hoc Signing drop down and select Online. Documents to upload page appears.

Step 2: Click +Upload Documents button, the file upload dialogue box appears. Locate the file on your computer and click Open (multiple PDF’s can be uploaded).

Step 3: For each uploaded document(s) specify signers either by choosing a template or by freshly adding signatories to the workflow.

Step 4: From online signing page click on Comments button. Enter your comments in the specified field and click post buttonMaximum character length to enter comments is 200 characters. 

Step 5: Click Post and the comments entered will get posted.

(Optionally) Once the comment get posted you can either edit or delete if you wish to. 

Click on Edit to edit the comment, once done editing the post click on upadte to save the new comment. Click on Delete to delte the comment posted. 

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