How to link documents to another document?

Signed documents in completed tab can be linked to a workflow, so that when any document is initiated using that workflow by the initiator, signatories of the workflow can see the signed document that is linked. This way, it will act as a reference document for the signer.

Note: Both Admin and Internal users can link a document to a workflow.

Step 1: Login to using your User Name and Password

Step 2: You will see dashboard in the landing page once you login successfully

Step 3: Select “Completed” tab in the dashboard. You will see a link document icon against each record.

Step 4: Upon clicking the link icon, you will be displayed with “Select workflow to link your document” popup. In this popup, you will see list of workflows

Step 5: Select the workflow or activity or sub activity to which the document needs to be linked

Step 6: As per the template selected (flexi form or form template) by you, follow the respective procedures to send document to the signatories.

Step 7: Once the document is linked to the workflow and sent to the signatories, the actual signatory can refer the linked document as reference before performing signatures.

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