How do I sign using AADHAAR ?

Step1: Upload your document(s)

  • From your emSigner account, click on the Initiate Ad-Hoc signing drop down and then click on Online. To upload document(s) from your computer, click on +Upload Documents button and locate the document you want to upload and click open.
  • (Optional) Enter Reference number in the text box provided. allows searches on documents using this reference number, Click continue to proceed further.

Step2: SpecifySigners (Specify using existing signers)

  • To add signers click on +Add Signatory . Configure signatory for each signatory added by setting up signature page & signature position, click on Apply to save the settings. (Repeat the same if there are more number of signatories) 
  • Enter the template name in the space provided and click on Save and Continue to proceed further.
  • (Optionally) you can set password, apply watermark & also browse your company stamp.

Step 3: Select signature option to generate the signing image. (optional)

To adopt the signing image do one of the following

  • Upload: Click on Upload to browse your signature image. 
  • Select: Click on select to choose from the default signature styles . Enter the name in the full name text field to apply changes click on reset font selection.
  • Draw: Click on draw for drawing your signature/initials using a mouse. 

Step4: Click on esign (Aadhaar based signing) button 

Review the consent for esign disclosure, and select the checkbox I hereby provide by consent for esign. Enter your registered Aadhaar number and click GET OTP (you will receive OTP to your registered mobile number). Enter OTP in the text box provided to begin the signing process. 



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