How do I Sign Documents without creating Workflow Activities?

Step1: Upload your Document(s)

On the Dashboard; click on Initiate Ad-Hoc Signing menu link and select Online

Click on +Upload Documents button to upload document(s) from your computer. Locate the document you want to upload & click open. Once you're done with uploading the documents, click on Continue

Step2: Add Signers

Add signers who will receive & sign your documents

To add signers follow either of the following methods

Adding signer from the signer’s list

  • Click on +Add Signatory button to add signatories. If you wish to remove the signatory added just click on the cross button and the signatory will be removed
  • Click on Signatory 1 and choose any one signer from the list displayed. Also set signature page and signature position for the signer added. Next click on Apply button to save the settings
  • Adding a new signer
  • Click on +Add Signatory to add a new signer, click on Signatory1 and click the + button. Enter Name & Email ID of the new signer & click Submit. Now the new signer created will be displayed in signer’s list. Enter Template Name, click Save and Continue. Even without an account, they can still open your document and complete their signing action. Adhoc Signers do not need an emSigner account. 

Choose Template

  • Click on choose template button and select any template from the list shown to you & apply to quickly set up signers, signature positions & signature page.

Document settings

Set password: All documents in this workflow will be password protected. If required, please set a password and share the password separately to all receiving parties

Apply Watermark: Enter the watermark text as your document watermark

Company stamp: Click on Browse image button to browse and upload the company stamp. Check the Sign with company stamp checkbox & the company stamp will be displayed along with the digital signature

Note: the above mentioned optional features are displayed only when the workflow initiator is also in the signing workflow. If not, only the below listed features will be shown.

Attach supporting documents: Before sending the document to the respective signer you can also attach any supporting documents if required. To do so, enter a description for the attachment in the description box, then click on attach document button to browse any document from your computer.                                                                                                         

Share Documents: you can share the uploaded document(s) and attachments to recipients through email. To do so, enter the email address of the recipient. To add messages to the recipient, enter your message in the message field. Check the share attachments check box to share the attached supporting documents with the recipient.

Step3: Send

Click on Send to send your document to the respective signers

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