How do I sign?

When someone sends you a emsigner document for your signature, you first receive an email from emsigner sent on behalf of the sender.

Review the emsigner email

Open the email. Click SIGN/DECLINE to begin the signing process.

Aadhaar based signing

Click on eSign, and select the checkbox I hereby provide by consent for eSign. Enter your correct Aadhaar Number & click on Get OTP button. You will recieve one time password for the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar number, enter the OTP and click eSign. 

Token based signing

Click on Digital Signature button, certificate store window will pop up. Select certificate using which document need to be signed and click on Sign button.

eSignature Signing

Upload National ID by clicking on Browse & Upload National ID button, and select the checkbox I agree the standard terms and conditions. Click eSignature to begin the signing process. Now select an option to generate the signing image. follow the below steps to do any one of the following

For uploading scanned signature image click on Browse Image button and locate your signature.

Click on select tab and select any signature style from the default signature styles. Enter the desired name in full name text box and click on Reset Font Selection button.  

Click on Draw tab for embedding your handwritten signature. Click on Reset to clear the free form text. Once done click on sign button


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