How to create Auto-delegation?

Auto-delegation is the ability for a user to grant another person rights to sign a document workflow on his/her behalf. A delegate is a nominated individual who can perform tasks on another’s behalf. Request Auto-Delegation in emSigner is the ability designed to be used when an approver is unavailable – the Delegator will be given the ability (and notification) to perform the approval actions that the user has assigned.

Follow below mentioned steps to create Auto-Delegation

  1. Select Auto-Delegation link in the account settings drop-down menu.
  2. Click on Create Delegate button from Delegate details page.
  3. Specify email address name of the delegator in the spaces provided. Select the period of auto delegation by selecting from and to date from the date picker. Enter the reason for auto delegation. And click on save button.
  4. Once the delegator is created it is listed under delegated details page along with actions column where you can edit or mark it as inactive.
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