Do I have option to store documents on emSigner?

Yes, you can store documents in emsigner. Doc Store is an in-built document management system along with workflow engines that makes a 100% paperless office. It provides a secure document storage facility with an option to categorize and sub-categorize documents on the cloud.

Step 1: Login to using your user name and password

Step 2: You will find Doc Store option on the header portion of the page. Click the same

Step 3: You will be navigated to Document Storage page, where you will have option to upload document. Click “Upload Document” button.

Step 4: You will be able to upload PDF or other common document format from you system (Note: You can upload multiple documents at a time not exceeding 5 MB in file size)

Step 5: You will also have an option to categorize the documents by clicking “Browse Category” button. This will help you to attach the document to the workflow. This is completely optional.

Step 6: Once the document is uploaded successfully, you will find the document in the Document storage list page.

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