Why do we need the emSigner Utility?

emSigner application is required to digitally sign documents (Token based signing). If the emSigner application is missing you can get it using the Install Now button. You are requested to download and install emSigner application to digitally sign documents.

To set up installation of the emSigner application, follow the below steps:

Step1: Click on Install now button & click on Download Application in the pop-up window

Step 2: Go to the downloaded file & double click on the msi file & Run the application. Click on the Next-button to continue the setp up

Step 3: Click “install” to install the utility

Step 4: The setup is completed. Click the finish button

The installation is finished and you are ready to start using emSigner Utility

If the Application is Not Running

If you’ve already installed the emSigner application and due to some reason it has stopped, then there is no need to re-install it again. Follow the below steps to start the emSigner application:

Double click on the emSigner icon or right click on emSigner icon > Run as Administrator. You are done.

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