What input parameters are required to be sent by third party applications?


  • Client can send any of the file formats (pdf/ XML/ Data) for signatures
  • Authentication token – This is a unique token generated for a client. For each transaction, this token need to be sent
  • Reference Number – This is a unique reference generated by the client for each transaction
  • Signature Type allowed are dSigneSignature
    • dSign – end userrequires Crypto Token and valid digital signature issued by licensed Certifying Authorities to digitally sign the request. This is valid in India
    • eSignature – is not valid in India, but it is widely accepted in other countries. 
  • At least one option of signature under additional parameters needs to be sent for e-signature
Mandatory Input parameters
Input ParametersFile Type
Signatory NameYNN
Authentication TokenYYY
Reference NumberYYY
Signature TypeYYY
Select PageYNN
Signature PositionYNN
Additional Input Parameters (Optional parameters)
Enable Upload Handwritten ImageApplicableNANA
Enable Font based signatureApplicableNANA
Enable Handwritten PadApplicableNANA
Enable Topaz eSignature PadApplicableNANA
Enable Co signApplicableNANA
Enable View document linkApplicable only if Preview required is not selectedApplicableApplicable
Preview RequiredApplicable only if View document link is not selectedNANA
Store to DatabaseApplicableApplicableApplicable
Is GSTN3B Signing (applicable only for GST signing)NAApplicableNA
Is GSTN Signing (applicable only for GST signing)NAApplicableNA

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